Harris and Harris Group Launches Updated Website
Posted: May 3, 2009

Harris and Harris Group Launches Updated Website

(Nanowerk News) Harris & Harris Group, Inc., launched its updated website with the new domain name, www.HHVC.com. The new site retains much of the same appearance of the previous site but adds the following new functionality:
1. The site is now searchable.
2. The site references articles that may be of interest to shareholders in the areas of nanotechnology, clean technology and venture capital. These articles are also searchable.
3. The website now features the ability to share content of the site with users through Really Simple Syndication ("RSS") feeds. This feature will highlight new postings of articles, news releases and press releases of interest without the need to repeatedly check our website. Users can select which type of articles and releases will be fed to them through this feature. For more information on RSS feeds and to sign up for distribution of new articles and releases through this feature, please see http://www.HHVC.com/rss.cfm.
4. The "Investor Relations" link contains additional information on corporate governance and our stock, as well as a number of new shareholder tools.
5. A simplified site that is specifically formatted for display on mobile devices is now available at http://www.HHVC.com/mobile. This version includes stock information and recent news and press releases.
Additionally, a new white paper entitled, "Harris & Harris Group Thesis for Investing in Nanotech for CleantechTM Companies" is posted on the website at http://www.HHVC.com/cleantech.cfm. This paper discusses why we believe nanotechnology is the enabling technology for many clean technology solutions. A second paper entitled, "Why Invest in Nanotechnology?" is currently in press and will be available on the website concurrent with its publication.
With the launch of the updated website, we have changed their domain name to www.HHVC.com. The previous domain name of www.TinyTechVC.com will continue to work.
Source: Harris & Harris
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