Posted: May 5, 2009

Carl Zeiss Introduces New Systems for Materials Research and Quality Inspection

(Nanowerk News) At CONTROL 2009 to be held in Stuttgart from May 5-8, 2009, Carl Zeiss will introduce its proven and new microscope solutions for materials research, quality inspection and routine applications.
For the first time, SteREO Discovery stereomicroscopes from Carl Zeiss will be on display. They feature a 3-position nosepiece and a motorized Y-intermediate tube and achieve a continuously variable optical magnification range of up to 233:1. With just a single microscope, users can now view objects in 3D and macroscopically from above. The documentation of images is parallax-free with a maximum resolution of 1500 line pairs/mm. Thanks to the new parfocality manager, there is no need for manual refocusing despite the enormous magnification range involved.
The Axio Imager microscope system, the second generation of which will also be presented at CONTROL for the first time, has been designed to meet high demands on materials microscopes. Its clear operation, and the ability to connect it to other systems and integrate it into a network makes it ideal for practical application. Sturdiness, flexibility and advanced optics are the hallmarks of this system.
The enhanced Particle Analyzer, a microscope- based analysis and documentation system from Carl Zeiss, will also be on display at CONTROL. Thanks to new software features, it guarantees optimum reproducibility of results, easier operation and improved functionality in industrial quality inspection.
The Axio CSM 700 confocal light microscope from Carl Zeiss enables materials scientists to measure large sample areas. This flexible microscope for materials research, quality inspection and routine applications features a new, motorized scanning stage that allows large sample areas to be captured like a mosaic with high resolution and measured with a higher statistical reliability.
The Industrial Metrology Business Group and the Nanotechnology Systems Division from Carl Zeiss will also be present at CONTROL 2009.
Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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