Posted: May 5, 2009

Axio CSM 700 Confocal Light Microscope From Carl Zeiss With New Functions

(Nanowerk News) The new functions of the Axio CSM 700 confocal light microscope from Carl Zeiss enable materials scientists to measure large sample areas more conveniently and use the system more flexibly.
Axio CSM 700 from Carl Zeiss
The Axio CSM 700 from Carl Zeiss.
For this microscope, Carl Zeiss offers a motorized scanning stage with a 150 x 150 mm travel range that is suitable for materials research, quality inspection and routine applications. Scanning stage control is integrated into the Axio CSM 700 software and allows large sample areas to be captured like a mosaic with high resolution. This function has been further optimized with a stitching algorithm so that no transitions are perceived between the single images in the final pictures. Therefore, results such as roughness and wear rate can be determined with a higher statistical reliability even with large sample areas.
It is also now much easier to operate the Axio CSM 700 thanks to the new, coded and motorized nosepiece which now comes standard.
The Axio CSM 700 highly accurately measures even fine roughness on relatively “soft” surfaces without contact. The microscope visualizes surfaces three-dimensionally, with high resolution and in true color, and also allows precise measurement of 3D microstructures as well as roughness determination in maximum quality. Topographical measurements are performed at more than 100 frames per second. Additional benefits include the reliable detection of height information with step heights from approx. 20 nm up to the millimeter range, as well as images with a depth of focus otherwise only possible with scanning electron microscopes.
The easy-to-use software provides numerous analysis options, including the measurement of roughness, evaluation of layer thickness and particle analysis. Additional functions such as a newly programmed filter facilitate and improve image processing.
Furthermore, English units like inches and microinches have been integrated into the Axio CSM 700 software. Therefore, material microscopy standards valid in parts of North America, in particular, can be better complied with.
Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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