Posted: May 5, 2009

Transformational Tools: How New Research Technologies Are Changing the Rules of the Game

(Nanowerk News) Christopher McNary, RainDance Technologies President and Chief Executive Officer, will discuss the impact of new transformational tools shaping life sciences research during a panel session at the 2009 BIO International Convention in Atlanta on May 20, 2009.
The session, Transformational Tools: How New Research Technologies Are Changing the Rules of the Game, will review how the accessibility and power of these new tools are empowering individual scientists to conduct research that was formerly infeasible, unaffordable, or threatening to the research status quo.
In his remarks, McNary will discuss how exciting new technologies are enabling researchers to rethink the way they design experiments and approach discovery, permitting the achievement of previously unattainable breakthrough science. He will cite that the capabilities of his company’s RainStorm TM microdroplet-based technology platform can be applied across a wide range of biomedical research applications. For example, McNary will describe how a researcher can collect a heterogeneous group of cells of interest, such as a cancer sample, break it down into homogeneous collections of primary cells such as tumor and stem cells, capture and interrogate these as single cells, and perform scientific analyses. This capability will help make exciting strides in understanding the fundamental biology of complex disease.
In addition, McNary will explain how the RainStorm platform also is being applied in collaboration with sanofi-aventis to develop game-changing high-throughput screening methodologies for drug discovery. This work will accelerate the discovery process by enabling pharmaceutical companies to make better and faster decisions about what compounds should be pulled through their development pipelines. McNary will review how these new workflows minimize experimental unknowns, permit simple sample manipulation, and generate accurate measurements at levels unimaginable only a few years ago.
McNary and the other chief executives on the panel also will describe the radical innovations, new perspectives, and diverse disciplines underlying these new technologies, as well as challenges to development and commercialization.
Source: Raindance Technologies (press release)
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