Posted: May 8, 2009

Companies to Commercially Develop Fluorescent Nanopigment Technology

(Nanowerk News) Australian nanotechnology firm NanoVentures Australia (NVA) has reached agreement with one of the world’s leading fluorescent pigment manufacturers, Aron Universal (Aron) of Bangalore, India, for commercial development of its proprietary nanopigment technology.
NVA’s predecessor, Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd (”NanoVic”) invested nearly $500,000 with RMIT University and Australian firm Allied Colors & Additives to develop a revolutionary fluorescent nanopigment. The nanopigment exhibits sustained fluorescence compared to comparable commercial products, can be readily incorporated into conventional plastics, and does not leach in solvents. These properties make it ideal for a variety of applications.
nanopigmentsNVA has signed an agreement on May 8, 2009 and assigned an exclusive license for the first nanopigment - a fluorescent yellow known as PNP98 - to Aron for commercial manufacture. Aron has committed to produce, market, and distribute the pigment. NVA, RMIT, Allied Colors, and the Members of NanoVic will benefit from a royalty on sales of the nanopigment.
NVA and Aron are also progressing discussions for a product development joint venture with RMIT, enabling development of a new generation of nanopigments to be produced by Aron. Details of the joint venture will be announced in the middle of 2009.
In announcing the agreement with Aron, NVA CEO Dr Peter Binks commented: “We are very pleased that the outstanding technology developed by RMIT is to be commercialised. We are also excited to be working with Aron Universal Ltd, who has performed an exhaustive evaluation of the nanopigment over the last six months. Aron are a leader in this field, and bring world-class production, marketing and distribution capabilities to the venture”.
Aron CMD, Dr Ashok Amin commented: “NanoVentures Australia brings an important development in nanopigments for commercialisation. We at Aron see this as an important milestone in new developments in this field. The joint venture we are finalizing would develop many nanopigments and products with unique properties for various applications. Aron also plans to develop unconventional uses and applications with these new nanopigments”.
flamingo-logoAron Universal is the largest manufacturer and exporter of daylight fluorescent pigments, ink bases and dispersions in India. Aron has developed a wide range of fluorescent colors for industries such as paper, plastics, paints, coatings, textiles, graphic arts, inks etc. Over three decades, Aron has developed innovative products such as security inks and crack detection applications. Aron is the flagship company of Aromax group which has been operating since 1974 and is presently a closely held Limited company, and exporting its products to more than 45 countries. It is also ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certified, and maintains strong in-house R&D and a state-of-the-art plant with stringent quality assurance procedures. Aron markets under the “Flamingo” brand.
NanoVentures Australia is the commercial company set up to commercialise the nanotechnology developments of Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd. It is located in Oakleigh, Victoria, and has a portfolio of 10 patents, together with a similar number of licenses and design registrations. Its team of eight professionals all have experience in nanotechnology commercialisation. NVA’s business activities include advanced materials, water technologies, medical diagnostics, and medical therapeutics.
For further information, please contact Dr Ravi Krishnamurthy, Manager, NanoMaterials on [email protected]
Source: NanoVentures Australia (press release)
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