Posted: May 11, 2009

Nano Terra and Honeywell to Develop Advanced Aerospace Materials and Applications

(Nanowerk News) Nano Terra announced today a partnership with Honeywell Aerospace to develop functional surfaces for a variety of aerospace applications.
Under the long-term agreement, the companies will work together to utilize Nano Terra’s surface engineering technology to develop the fabrication of thin films for certain military and commercial aerospace applications designed specifically to enhance performance.
This relationship will combine Honeywell’s aerospace technology and systems integration expertise with Nano Terra science, which enables the efficient functionalization of surfaces.
“We believe this agreement will open the door to the exploration of a variety of new science and technology solutions,” said Bob Smith, Vice President of Advanced Technologies, Honeywell Aerospace. “Our goal is to deliver a new generation of innovative aerospace products and services.”
Myer Berlow, Nano Terra’s CEO, said, “We look forward to working closely with them to combine Nano Terra’s science with Honeywell’s vision for future avionics developments that will enhance their extensive product lines and systems.”
Source: Nano Terra (press release)
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