Posted: May 13, 2009

Mountains Advanced Contour - New Module for the Dimensional Analysis of Component Form and Geometry

(Nanowerk News) The Mountains Surface Analysis Business Unit of Digital Surf, the surface metrology solutions provider, announced the release of a new software module, Advanced Contour, which is part of the Mountains surface analysis software suite.
The Advanced Contour module is a complete solution for controlling the dimensions of profiles measured on component surfaces. With an intuitive icon-based user interface, full set of metrological functions, graphical display of form deviations, automatic quality report generation, and the ability to export results to quality management systems, it ensures that contour analysis is not only accurate but also as straightforward and fast as possible. Running under Windows XP and Vista, the new software is designed for integration into form measurement instruments, including instruments working on the nanometric scale, and for use in any research or production facility. The module was released successfully in 2008, exclusively to the customers of one of Digital Surf’s partners. Advanced Contour is now available for everyone.
Mountains Advanced Contour.  Comparison of measured profile with nominal form, showing magnified form deviations (green for within tolerance, red for outside tolerance)
Mountains Advanced Contour. Comparison of measured profile with nominal form, showing magnified form deviations (green for within tolerance, red for outside tolerance).
Using intuitive easy to learn tools, profiles are segmented into geometrical elements whose dimensions are evaluated automatically. An automatic matching process superimposes the nominal form on the measured profile, making it possible to display form deviations graphically and calculate form deviation parameters. Measurement data can also be compared with a nominal form in DXF format output by a CAD system.
The quality report is built automatically in the background as the user works. It includes a full table of results listing the values of dimensions and parameters, their tolerance limits and their pass/fail status. The full analysis history is stored and can be output to a text file to assure full metrological traceability.
Out of tolerance points on the profile are shown in red, facilitating the location and quantification of faults on the nominal form. Profiles with large dimensional tolerances can be analyzed using special tools based on construction lines allowing the definition of intersection points. This makes it possible to reposition elements correctly despite large dimensional or positional variations. Other features include the analysis of “Gothic Arches” for characterizing raceways.
Advanced Contour documents can be used as templates for controlling series of measurements. After a template has been applied to generate a new document, this document can be modified at any time and all numerical values affected by a modification are recalculated automatically.
"Mountains Advanced Contour is a complete solution set for the analysis of component form and geometry, designed to maximize ease of use,” stated François Blateyron, Managing Director of Digital Surf’s Mountains Surface Analysis Business Unit. "It has already been proven in the field for both mechanical and nanotechnology applications. The release of this new Advanced Contour module is consistent with our strategy to diversify and broaden the range of our surface metrology solutions.”
Source: Digital Surf
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