Posted: May 13, 2009

Asylum Research Introduces Enhanced Petri Dish Holder and Heater for its MFP-3D Atomic Force Microscope

(Nanowerk News) Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) technology leader, Asylum Research, is introducing an enhanced Petri Dish Holder and Heater accessory for its MFP-3D AFMs. The Petri Dish Heater is designed for studies of living and fixed cells and other biological studies where heating in either an open or sealed environment at physiologically-relevant temperatures is desired.
Most commercial Petri dishes are accommodated (both plastic and glass bottom) with diameters ranging from 30mm to 60mm and a selection of Petri dishes is included with the kit. The dish is magnetically clamped down for easy and fast sample exchange. Microscope slides can also be accommodated.
Live MRC-5 fibroblasts
Live MRC-5 fibroblasts. Phase contrast optical image of an AFM cantilever positioned over a cell (left, inset box) and 3D rendering of the AFM amplitude channel (right). The image was acquired in culture medium using AC mode, 80µm scan.
Heating from ambient to 45°C is supported with high accuracy and stability and temperature data can be logged and saved with each acquired AFM image. The optimized mechanical design maintains the temperature variation in the liquid to less than 0.1°C over a 1cm diameter at the center of the dish. The full diameter of the Petri dish is held to within 0.5°C. This new product complements Asylum’s growing suite of environmental control products for the MFP-3D AFM platform, which also includes the BioHeater™ with heating up to 80°C, and the Closed Fluid Cell with 10 inlet and outlet ports for exchange of liquid or gas media while imaging. Descriptions of all environmental accessories for the MFP-3D are available under ‘Products’ at with links to data sheets on the individual products.
About Asylum Research
Asylum Research is the technology leader for atomic force and scanning probe microscopy (AFM/SPM) for both materials and bioscience applications. Founded in 1999, we are a company dedicated to innovative instrumentation for nanoscience and nanotechnology, with over 250 years combined AFM/SPM experience from our scientists, engineers and software developers. Our instruments are used for a variety of nanoscience applications in material science, physics, polymers, chemistry, biomaterials, and bioscience, including single molecule mechanical experiments on DNA, protein unfolding and polymer elasticity, as well as force measurements for biomaterials, chemical sensing, polymers, colloidal forces, adhesion, and more. Asylum’s product line offers imaging and measurement capabilities for a wide range of samples, including advanced techniques such as electrical characterization (CAFM, KFM, EFM), high voltage piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM), magnetic force microscopy (MFM) with our unique variable field module, quantitative nanoindenting, and a wide range of environmental accessories and application-ready modules.
Asylum’s MFP-3D™ set the standard for AFM technology, with unprecedented precision and flexibility. The MFP-3D is the first AFM with true independent piezo positioning in all three axes, combined with low noise closed-loop feedback sensor technology. The MFP-3D offers both top and bottom sample viewing for easy integration with most commercially-available inverted optical microscopes.
Asylum’s new Cypher™ AFM is the world’s first completely new small sample AFM/SPM in over a decade, and sets the new standard as the world’s highest resolution AFM. Cypher provides low-drift closed loop atomic resolution for the most accurate images and measurements possible today, rapid AC imaging with small cantilevers, Spot-On™ automated laser alignment for easy setup, integrated thermal, acoustic and vibration control, and broad support for all major AFM/SPM scanning modes and capabilities.
Asylum Research offers the lowest cost of ownership of any AFM company. Ask us about our industry-best 2-year warranty, our legendary product and applications support, and our exclusive 6-month money-back satisfaction guarantee. We are dedicated to providing the most technically advanced AFMs for researchers who want to take their experiments to the next level. Asylum Research also distributes third party cantilevers from Olympus, Nanoworld/Nanosensors, and our own MFM and iDrive™ tips.
Source: Asylum Research
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