Posted: May 13, 2009

NanoLogix Test Kit Marks a Revolutionary Step in the Field of 'Rapid Diagnostics' of Microbes

(Nanowerk News) The BNP™ (BioNanoPore) test kit from NanoLogix, Inc. has broken the speed barrier for rapid detection of virtually any microorganism currently tested with traditional Petri technology. This marks a revolutionary step in the field of "rapid diagnostics" of microbes, and opens a potentially vast market to NanoLogix.
One of the foremost biomedical research centers in the U.S. recently verified that the BNP™ detected anthrax cultures four times faster, and bubonic plague two times faster than traditional Petri plate methods. NanoLogix in-house lab tests have detected E coli, Staph and other microbial cultures up to six times faster than traditional Petri technology.
Worldwide, the overall use of industrial microbiology testing grew to 1.5 billion tests in 2008. In dollar volume, the market for rapid diagnostics tests alone is projected to reach $3.15 billion by 2010.
The BNP™ can be used in any field or industry that requires microbiological testing utilizing traditional Petri methods. In addition to Homeland Security and Defense arenas, this includes application in medical, governmental, environmental, food, water and beverage, industrial, and pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing facilities. With the ability to detect microbes in a fraction of the standard time, the BNP™ can save time, money and lives.
Homeland Security and Defense: More rapid confirmation of biological agents can speed decontamination procedures. Public, governmental and industrial buildings, airports, military and civilian equipment can return to use faster and with reduced complications.
Disease Detection and Treatment: Ultra-fast test results enable viewing of pathogens at a much earlier stage than with conventional Petri methods. The BNP™ can contribute to improved and more targeted disease treatment and assist in the prevention of the spread of disease. Antibiotic-resistant microorganisms are a fast-growing medical problem. Currently it takes as long as 1-3 days to identify these bacteria from patient samples. BNP™ can shorten this time significantly.
Drug Manufacturing and Testing: The BNP™ can be used to reduce time needed to screen pharmaceutical products during the production process. Monitoring of the processes for growth of microorganisms and contamination control must be done several times during manufacture.
Personal Care Products: The BNP™ can aid in the quality control of products such as shampoo and hair conditioner, mouthwash, cosmetics, toothpaste, shower gels containing natural or organic ingredients.
Veterinary Medicine: Using the BNP™, microbiological safety of animal foods may be confirmed at two to six times the speed of conventional tests. This could impact all levels of animal production, from raising animals to processing and distribution.
Food and Beverage Industries: Contamination of dairy and vegetable products by microbes such as botulism, salmonella, and brucellosis can halt processing and distribution, damage a brand, and lead to costly recalls. Many foods and beverages have a restricted storage time, often just a few days. By reducing testing times, the BNP™ can add to the market life of products.
Water Safety and Environmental Testing: The BNP™ can rapidly detect giardia, legionella, and other pathogens from fecal matter. The faster the detection, the sooner prevention or water treatment methods can be implemented.
Source: Picosun (press release)
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