Posted: May 14, 2009

Applied DNA Sciences Files Patent for SigNature DNA in Cyanoacrylate to Add Forensic Layer of Anti-Counterfeit Security

(Nanowerk News) Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (APDN), a provider of DNA-based security solutions, announced today that it has filed a patent for the embedment of DNA in cyanoacrylate, adding to its extensive intellectual property portfolio, and SigNature® DNA product line.
Cyanoacrylate adhesive compositions are widely used as quick setting, instant adhesives with a wide variety of commercial and industrial uses.
SigNature DNA is derived from botanical plant sources, and is similar to a set of blueprints, or a specific code, that has been developed for compatibility, stability and recoverability in cyanoacrylate. Previously tested in a range of glues and label adhesives, SigNature DNA has shown to be persistent in the glue itself, as well as when the adhesive is applied onto a substrate like a label.
Very "Sticky" and Versatile
SigNature DNA-cyanoacrylate can be applied to virtually any item surface or even absorbed into porous and semi-porous materials like ceramics, as well as non-porous materials like metal, glass and plastic.
Setting a Forensic Evidence Trail
Cyanoacrylate is frequently used as a forensic tool to capture latent fingerprints on non-porous surfaces such as glass or plastic. Despite its commercial ubiquity and use in crime labs, until now, cyanoacrylate solutions have rarely been used for security marking and authentication purposes.
Together, SigNature DNA-cyanoacrylate provides a powerful system that can be used to link DNA-marked evidence at a crime scene to the criminal. It's the ultimate tool to ensure the safety of a wide range of electronic and electrical components, often used in products ranging from laptops and mobile phones to motor vehicles and aircraft. By incorporating SigNature DNA-cyanoacrylate into the existing manufacturing process, any product or package can be further securitized with a forensic layer of anti-counterfeiting protection.
About APDN
APDN sells patented DNA security solutions to protect products, brands and intellectual property from counterfeiting and diversion. SigNature DNA is a botanical mark used to authenticate products in a unique manner that essentially cannot be copied. APDN also provides BioMaterial GenoTyping™ by detecting genomic DNA in natural materials to authenticate finished products. Both technologies protect brands and products in a wide range of industries and provide a forensic chain of evidence that can be used to prosecute perpetrators.
Source: Life Technologies (press release)
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