Posted: May 14, 2009

New Russian Microscope with Record Atomic Resolution

(Nanowerk News) The development team of Carbonlight Ltd promises that with the help of their new Nanointroscope not only the atom could be observed, but even the electron shells around an atom nucleus will be visible. Presently, the microscopes with such resolution do not exist. Atoms could be detected only indirectly – by the peaks in the atomic-force microscope diagram.
The new device still exist only as a prototype that includes a source of protons and a detector based on the nanotube filled with cerium packrd into metal-fullerenes. The nanotube detector is placed on silicon cantilever. All of these important elements of Nanointroscope are of the latest Carbonlight’s design.
Carbonlight Ltd is a small business that is located in the town Dolgoprudniy near Moscow and known for its relations to Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The prototype had been tested according to the development team.
During development process the team executed high patent protection for their device, they had patented the proton sources with electron ionization and photo ionization, and the protons beam source as well.
The major part of the new device will be the novel coordinate-angular detector, which will allow the 0.01 nm resolution. It means that the researchers could examine the atoms, and even the structure of electron shells with single atoms as well. That close introduction to the small world could possibly change our understanding of the processes that occur on the nonoscale.
There is no information about the industrial fabrication of this new microscope. The team says they need more time for research. They also say the results achieved along the development process and series of tests are very interesting by themselves. For instance, the dependence of the luminescence effect of detectors on the photons beam coordinates and the incidence angle may help with the development of totally new detector design.
Source: Nanorf (Eugene Birger)
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