Posted: May 20, 2009

NanoMarkets Announces Date for Webinar on Conductive Coatings Market Opportunities

(Nanowerk News) NanoMarkets today announced that it will be conducting a webinar titled Conductive Coatings Opportunities that will take place on June 25th, 2009 at 10:00 AM EDT (GMT -4:00).
About the Event:
Conductive Coatings Opportunities
In this Webinar NanoMarkets identifies new opportunities in the conductive coatings space. The webinar will cover metallic, metal oxide, organic and nanomaterial coatings and a broad range of coating technologies and focus on new revenue potential from electrodes from next generation electronics and solar panels, as well as from emerging antistatic and EMI/RFI applications.
This Webinar is based on the analysis in NanoMarkets' new report on conductive coatings opportunities and includes some of the forecasts from that report. It will be of interest to product managers and strategic planners at materials and chemical firms, electronics and communications equipment manufacturers, solar panel companies, packaging manufacturers and sophisticated investors.
Some of the areas covered in this webinar will include:
  • Commercialization of new conductive coatings: nanomaterials and composites
  • Electrode coatings in next generation electronics: displays and sensors
  • Coatings for energy systems: batteries, fuel cells and solar panels
  • Antistatic coatings in a world of ultra-LSI: what Moore's Law means for the antistatics business
  • Wireless communications and the future of EMI/RFI shielding
  • Whither printing: Printing's future as a deposition technology for conductive coatings
  • A recording of the event with presentation materials will also be made available on CD ROM.
    About NanoMarkets
    NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in electronics created by developments in advanced materials. The firm has published numerous reports related to organic, thin film and printable electronics materials and applications and maintains a blog at that comments on industry trends and events. NanoMarkets research database is the industry's most extensive source of information on thin film, organic and printable (TOP) electronics.
    Source: NanoMarkets (press release)
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