Posted: May 21, 2009

First Deployment of Modumetal's Nanolaminated Coatings Overseas

(Nanowerk News) Seattle-based Modumetal, Inc has announced a formal agreement with Austria-based Happy Plating to leverage the company’s experience and electrochemical manufacturing infrastructure to create a European commercial manufacturing base for Modumetal’s advanced nanolaminated coatings.
The experience of the Happy Plating technical team, led by Dr. Wolfgang Hansal and Dr. Selma Hansal, who have extensive experience in scale up from the laboratory environment to commercial scale, means that Modumetal will have its first significant entry into the European marketplace.
“With Happy Plating, we have a partner that understands our technology and its broad industrial application potential, but more importantly, understands how to scale up production quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.” said Modumetal CEO Christina Lomasney. “The end result will be our capacity to enter markets starting with reliable prototyping and moving rapidly to large-scale production. There is a very strong synergy between our technology and Happy Plating’s proven success in applying electrochemical surface technology at the commercial scale. We are excited for this opportunity to work together with the outstanding team at Happy Plating.”
About Modumetal
Modumetal was started in 2006 in Seattle, WA to realize the commercial potential of a unique class of advanced materials. Modumetal is creating revolutionary nanolaminated and functionally-graded materials that will change design and manufacturing forever by dramatically improving the structural, corrosion and high temperature performance of coatings, bulk materials and parts. Modumetal represents a whole new way of producing parts and is leveraging nanotechnology to achieve this unprecedented performance. Modumetal is made by a “green” electrochemical manufacturing approach, which reduces the carbon footprint of conventional metals manufacturing at the same time that it redefines materials performance.
About Happy Plating
Happy Plating was founded in 2004 by three physical chemists as a spin-out company of an Austrian electrochemical research center. Happy Plating serves as a bridge between applied research and industrial production. Happy Plating specifically specializes in scaling up advanced electrochemical processes to large scale using its prototyping and large scale plating lines. The Company has supplied a number of product lines to customers in large-scale automotive, consumer and industrial markets. Happy Plating also offers a range of technical seminars and training in the production of highprecision parts via electroforming and electroplating.
Source: Modumetal (press release)
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