Posted: May 26, 2009

Molecular Imprint Expands to Meet Growing Global Demand for its Nanopatterning Solutions

(Nanowerk News) Molecular Imprints, Inc., a leader for nanopatterning systems and solutions, today announced an expansion plan that includes increasing its workforce with the addition of 30-50 employment opportunities during 2009 and expanding the scale of its facilities by more than a third. The new job opportunities will be concentrated in a number of engineering disciplines with the majority located at its operations in Austin, Texas. This expansion is driven by an increase in the number and size of its customer contracts and a rising demand for Molecular Imprints' products. Molecular Imprints' Jet and Flash™ Imprint Lithography (J-FIL™) technology represents a key enabling technology for the production of advanced high-density memory storage devices for the semiconductor and hard disk drive (HDD) industries.
"Memory storage requirements for consumer electronics, commercial and industrial applications are escalating at a dramatic rate," stated Mark Melliar-Smith, CEO of Molecular Imprints. "For example, the latest MP3 players can now store tens of thousands of songs or more than a hundred hours of videos. Our J-FIL technology is critical to providing memory manufacturers in both the semiconductor and hard disk drive industries with nanopatterning systems that can affordably and reliably pattern designs at resolution levels below 30 nanometers-helping them meet their future need for higher-capacity storage at lower costs. Even in this difficult economic environment, customers are willing to invest in innovative technologies that provide them with a competitive advantage. To meet this growing demand, our company plans to increase both our operating space and number of employees in 2009."
This expansion is the latest in a series of developments demonstrating Molecular Imprints' progress in bringing its J-FIL nanopatterning solutions to multiple market segments. The HDD industry is beginning to standardize on the company's technology for future patterned media applications, with 10 system sales to many of the industry's top manufacturers, including Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) and Fujitsu. In addition, SEMATECH, a leading global nanoelectronics consortium whose members represent more than 50 percent of worldwide semiconductor revenues, recently took delivery of Molecular Imprints' latest Imprio 300 system.
About Molecular Imprints, Inc.
Molecular Imprints, Inc. (MII) is the technology leader for high-resolution, low cost-of-ownership nanopatterning systems and solutions in the hard disk drive (HDD) and semiconductor industries. MII is leveraging its innovative Jet and Flash™ Imprint Lithography (J-FIL™) with IntelliJet™ material application technology to become the worldwide market and technology leader in high-volume patterning solutions for storage and memory devices, while enabling emerging markets in optics, biotechnology, and other industries. MII enables nanoscale patterning by delivering a comprehensive nanopatterning solution that is affordable, compatible and extendible to sub-10-nanometer resolution levels.
Source: Molecular Imprints (press release)
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