Posted: May 26, 2009

NanoMarkets Announces New Report on E-Paper Scheduled for Release in June

(Nanowerk News) NanoMarkets, a leading industry analyst firm, today announced a new report discussing the changing opportunities and challenges in E-paper. The report, titled "E-Paper Market Opportunities-2009," is scheduled to be released in June of 2009 and is the firm's third report on this growing market. Details about the upcoming report are available at
About the Report
Much has happened in the e-paper space over the past twelve months. Most notably the arrival of Amazon's Kindle book reader has turned e-paper into a near-mass-market technology and raised a lot of issues. E-paper has now become identified with E Ink's electrophoretic technology. What does this mean for other players in this space? What is the future of the many competing technologies such cholesteric LCDs or electrochromics? And how far will the growing familiarity with e-paper help the other applications to which e-paper is being directed; applications such as signage, smart cards and computer peripherals?
This report analyzes the new market environment for e-paper and answers these questions. It also looks at the many challenges that e-paper still faces. Although e-paper has become strongly identified with the concept of flexible displays, the first displays are at best foldable; certainly a long way from the rollable displays that futurists have discussed. Then there is the question of color and how far the e-paper market can evolve in a world in which people expect color from displays.
This report assesses the latest e-paper technology and provides a quantitative and qualitative forecast for shipments of e-paper products of all kinds ranging from book readers and flexible mobile displays to signage, smart shelving and smart cards. In this report, we also examine the key technology improvements that will be required over the next eight years and assess the marketing importance of such factors as flexibility, system architecture, resolutions, backplane switching speeds, and color capability. We also take a look at the marketing aspects of e-paper displays and how the supply chains are being built.
NanoMarkets has been covering the e-paper market for more than four years and this report is a follow-on from our successful 2008 e-paper report. It provides our views on the latest product announcements. We also examine in-depth the latest thinking on manufacturing processes and materials used to get e-paper to the market. Finally, the report provides strategic profiles of the leading providers of e-paper and a detailed eight-year market forecast of e-paper markets, broken out by application, materials and technology.
Source: NanoMarkets (press release)
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