Posted: May 28, 2009

Russian Companies Discuss Sub-90 Nanometer Microchip Production Facility

(Nanowerk News) There is a possibility that the Angstrom microelectronics plant near Moscow could launch a new production line – the chips under 90 nm technology fabrication. The Intel Corp. received a proposal to become a technological partner for Angstrom Group.
One of the major stockholders for Angstrom is RUSNANO (The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies – RUSNANO was established in 2007 by the Federal law to enable Government policy in the field of Nanotechnology). At the same time, the other well known Russian high tech company – JSC SITRONICS is running negotiations for the similar project. By Russian law and the RUSNANO’s code this corporation monitors all projects related to the nanoscale processes and products. It means that both listed projects must be under RUSNANO’s supervision. The head of RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais during his recent visit to the US met with the representatives of Intel and AMD. At these meetings they discussed the issues of international licensing for 90-nm microprocessors technolology.
According to the newspaper Vedomosti besides the support in negotiations with Intel RUSNANO could act as co-investor to the project. Along his visit to the US Chubais also met with the representatives from AMD Corp., which is the major Intel’s competitor. There is no information about the results of these negotiations. It’s well known that the technologies RUSNANO is discussing with American companies have the US strategic status and certain political limitations – any sale should have been approved by the government.
Just two years ago Angstrom planned to arrange a 130 nm technology chips manufacturing and purchased a 462 mln dollars equipment from AMD having 815 mln euro loan from Russian Vnesheconombank. According to the experts such production is strategically important for Russia. Having this equipment Angstrom could reach an agreement with the license owner about certain amount of sales abroad, which could increase technology effectiveness and profits.
Coincidently, JSC SITRONICS – Angstrom’s major competitor – applied to RUSNANO for similar investment request. The SITRONICS’s application could be examined by the end of May, but the Angstrom’s request probably closer to the Fall. Anatoly Chubais who has international recognition and influence would the best help for Angstrom in their negotiations with Intel. That’s why Angstrom rushed to secure Chubais’s assistance.
Source: NanoNewsNet (Eugene Birger)
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