Posted: June 4, 2009

Revolutionary Development From NT-MDT

(Nanowerk News) NT-MDT new advanced development – a universal controller which supports all kind of SPM designed by our company - gives you the freedom of unlimited research capabilities. Use of the most high-end technologies makes possible to increase productivity of data processing. High performance DSP, fast ADC-s and expanded nomenclature of user inputs/outputs dramatically enrich functionality.
Owing to the modular concept it is possible to integrate base boards, providing high-quality SPM capabilities, and additional extension boards inside a uniform system in consideration of customers’ wishes. This allows obtaining maximum flexibility and performance during the study in the field of nanotechnology.
ScanScaler™ (watch a flash file here)

Optical grating. Contact mode

Scanning speed: 17 Hz

Size: 100×100

Automatic feedback adjustment algorithm allows to optimize control system parameters giving an opportunity even an entry-level user to align.
Owing to scan field size adjustment control system ScanScaler™ it is easy to get atomic resolution with 100*100 micron scanner.
High-speed scanning (up to 30 Hz) is provided by a unique algorithm. It is an improved feedforward method of Z-axis control based on feedback error analysis.
New technology exceeds standard approach in speed and quality of obtained images. As scanning speed is essential for observing objects with short lifetime or rapidly varying, owing to the algorithm, almost all samples can be investigated.
Algorithm allows to study all kinds of samples including gentle objects without causing damage even at high rates.
The next generation controller combined with a flexible software is an excellent modular electronics for all types of experiments.
Source: NT-MDT (press release)
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