Posted: June 9, 2009

SolarBotanic Receives Funding for Energy Harvesting Artificial Trees

(Nanowerk News) SolarBotanic has inked a major joint-venture deal with the renewable energy company GREENgENERGY, Inc. to fund the R&D phase for the company's patented energy harvesting artificial trees. The potential market for SolarBotanic's trees is virtually unlimited and it involves integrating a vast array of brilliant and cutting-edge technologies, said Craig Etchegoyen of GREENgENERGY. Mr. Etchegoyen, founder of digital security firm Uniloc USA, is recognized as a leader in developing technology-based IP.
The company is very excited about the relationship with their American partners. They bring an expertise in financing and technical know-how that compliments SolarBotanic's existing board perfectly, stated a spokesperson for SolarBotanic Ltd. Their experience in one of the world's largest Energy-markets places the company in a very strategic position as it looks to expand in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, he added. SolarBotanic is in discussions with several very large technology firms and expects to have its first prototype tree in approximately 12 months.
The company's mission is to produce a cost-effective renewable energy solution that is easily implemented,carbon neutral, aesthetically appealing and community scalable.
To accomplish this goal, SolarBotanic (SB) has developed an innovative and efficient energy solution by combining bio-mimicry and nano technologies in unique, Patented, artificial trees.
To harness the power of the Sun and Wind, these artificial trees and plant structures are designed to utilize three major types of nano-technologies: photovoltaics, thermovoltaics and piezovoltaic, the result is a commercially viable alternative and/or supplement to other energy generating technologies.
Few sources of power fit the "renewable" bill better than wind and electromagnetic radiation from the Sun. Sunlight, wind and thermal (infrared) radiation is plentiful (supplies should last at least 5 billion years), emits no pollution and enough of this natural energy reaches the planet's surface in one hour (approximately 1,000watts/second/m2) to provide 100% of the world's energy needs for one year.
There are many exciting opportunities in the adaptation of solar, wind and thermal power. Large solar-arrays and wind-turbine farms are being developed in places that show the most geo-optimal concentrations of sunlight and wind, however, like all traditional power generation, none of these are likely to be the single "magic bullet" technology that will solve the entire world's energy demands. For one, they are usually extremely capitally intensive. They require large property acquisitions (trading one non-renewable resource like oil for another--land), and to date have not achieved grid parity. SOLARBOTANIC offers a piece of the energy solution that supplements, rather than competes with, these large-scale efforts.
Carbon Neutrality. The Kyoto Accords established targets for the global reduction of harmful green house gasses. There are many ways to achieve this goal. One approach is to produce things using less energy,and the other is to re-form waste into new products to minimize new GHG creation. Companies that do a particularly good job of reducing emissions can sell this value through Verified Emissions Reductions "VERs" and Reduced Emissions Credits "RECs". SolarBotanic trees will be manufactured from recycled and non-petroleum based materials.
Though the primary driver of the trees are the nanoleaves, the trunk can be designed for far greater purposes than merely holding up the canopy. Besides covering it's surface with PV or sound absorption materials, it houses the electrical converter units and filters which are designed to intake harmful GHGs and output clean air (just like real trees do to some extent). We believe that companies that generate a portion of their power from utilizing our trees will be able to create certifiable carbon credits that can be sold on the open market.
Source: SolarBotanics (press release)
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