Posted: June 9, 2009

Product Redesign Provides Labs and Universities with Superior Wafer Bonding Technology at an Affordable Cost

(Nanowerk News) EV Group (EVG), a leading supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, today announced that it has launched an all-new EVG501 wafer bonding system to address rising cost burdens for its university and R&D customers. Redesigned based on customer feedback, the EVG501 features the company's proven core technology platform used throughout its latest wafer bonding product portfolio -- but without some of the more expensive product features such as automation and temperature control not required in R&D environments. This improved, low-cost model wafer bonder completes EVG's product offerings spanning the entire manufacturing chain from R&D, small-scale production environments to full-scale, high-volume production.
Paul Lindner, executive technology director of EV Group commented, "The EVG501 is an integral addition to our product line-up. We've been committed to serving the world's top R&D institutions and universities for more than 25 years now, and we are thrilled to be adding yet another solution to our portfolio to address our customers' evolving needs. In fact, it is this commitment to our customers along with our superior customer service and support network that makes EV Group the partner of choice for smaller-scale production environments as well."
EVG501 Features
The EVG501 is a highly flexible R&D system that can handle small substrate pieces up to 200-mm wafers. The new tool supports a variety of bonding processes, such as anodic, glass frit, eutectic, diffusion, fusion, solder, and adhesive bonds, as well as other thermal processes, including oxide removal and high temperature bakes under a controlled atmosphere. The system also offers quick re-tooling with a conversion time of less than five minutes, making it ideal for R&D and small-volume production applications.
A simple-to-use package, the EVG501 offers customers core technologies from EVG's high-volume bonders including:
  • Optimum total cost of ownership (TCO) for R&D and pilot line production
  • Bonds up to 10kN force at temperatures up to 450 degrees C
  • Real and low-force wafer wedge compensation system for highest yield
  • Large process window: temperature uniformity < + / - 1% and pressure uniformity < + / - 5%
  • Fully recipe compatible to EVG production bonding systems (EVG520IS, EVG560, GEMINI)
  • High-vacuum capable bond chamber (down to 10(-5) mbar with turbo molecular pump)
  • Open chamber design for fast conversion and maintenance
  • Windows-based control software and operation interface
  • Smallest footprint for a 200-mm bonding system: 0.88 m(2)
  • The EVG501 is available for purchase immediately. For more information or to learn more about the EVG501 and other EVG wafer bonder systems, please visit
    About EV Group
    EV Group is a world leader in wafer-processing solutions for semiconductor, MEMS and nanotechnology applications. Through close collaboration with its global customers, the company implements its flexible manufacturing model to develop reliable, high-quality, low-cost-of-ownership systems that are easily integrated into customers' fab lines. Key products include wafer bonding, lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and metrology equipment, as well as photoresist coaters, cleaners and inspection systems.
    In addition to its dominant share of the market for wafer bonders, EVG holds a leading position in NIL and lithography for advanced packaging and MEMS. Along these lines, the company co-founded the EMC-3D consortium in 2006 to create and help drive implementation of a cost-effective through-silicon via (TSV) process for major ICs and MEMS/sensors. Other target semiconductor-related markets include silicon-on-insulator (SOI), compound semiconductor and silicon-based power-device solutions.
    Source: EV Group (press release)
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