Posted: June 12, 2009

New Nanostructured Oxides Guide

(Nanowerk News) Research and Markets has announced the adition of the Nanostructured Oxides Guide to their offerings.
These ten volumes provide an excellent, in-depth overview of all nanomaterial types and their uses in the life science
Each volume is dedicated to a specific material class and covers fundamentals, synthesis strategies, structure-property relationships, material behaviour finetuning, biological effects and applications in the life sciences
All important material classes are covered: metallic, metal oxide, magnetic, carbon, polymeric, composite and semiconducting nanomaterials as well as nanostructured surfaces and films.
It serves as a major reference work in the field that brings together pertinent knowledge formerly widely spread out over many different sources.
From the Index
  • The Biomimetic Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanomaterials
  • Synthesis of Symmetric and Asymmetric Nanosilica for Materials, Optical, and Medical Applications
  • 1-Dimensional Silica Nanostructures and Their Applications to the Biological Sciences
  • Approaches to Biofunctionalization of Spherical & Anisotropic Silica Nanomaterials
  • Mesoporous Cage-Like Silica Monoliths for Optical Sensing of Pollutant Ions
  • Nanoscale Bioactive Silicate Glasses in Biomedical Applications
  • Toxicity of Spherical & Anisotropic Silica Nanomaterials
  • Zirconia Nanomaterials: Synthesis and Biomedical Applications
  • Metal Oxide Nanomaterials for Water Treatment
  • Approaches to Mesoscale Modeling of Nanoparticle/Cell Membrane Interactions
  • Porous Silicon Particles for Imaging and Therapy of Cancer
  • Spherical & Anisotropic Hydroxyapatite Nanomaterials - Synthesis and Their Characterization
  • Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles in Biomineralization and Biomaterials
  • Source: Research and Markets (press release)
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