Posted: June 15, 2009

ProIMAGE contest open to NT-MDT probe users

(Nanowerk News) NT-MDT Co. invites its probes users to take part in the open contest of images obtained with NT-MDT probes.
Though equipment is important in gathering a great AFM image, one's image also depends on the probe being used. We would like to see your most intriguing images collected from ventures into the nanouniverse with NT-MDT tips.
The aim of our ProIMAGE Contest is to show a great variety of scientific and artistic results obtained with a wide range of specialized probes.
ProIMAGE Contest - it's easy to participate:
1. Submit an image obtained with a NT-MDT probe before the 30th ofevery month
2. List the probe used to obtain your image
3. Vote for the images you like
4. Based on the number of votes NT-MDT experts will choose the month winner from top-10
5. The month winner will receive $1000 certificate
The ProIMAGE Contest will be held every month till the end of the 2009.
Source: NT-MDT
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