Posted: June 18, 2009

Solarmer Energy Makes Progress in Flexible Solar Panel Development

(Nanowerk News) Solarmer Energy, Inc., a leading developer of organic photovoltaics, will present their impressive progress in flexible solar panel development at this year's Large-area, Organic, Printed Electronics Convention (LOPE-C). For the first time, Solarmer will publicly exhibit their flexible solar panels, along with a variety of other samples and demos at LOPE-C. LOPE-C is a premier event which hosts the latest developments in organic and printed electronics.
Solarmer's flexible plastic solar panels, made using inexpensive organic materials, are lightweight, transparent, aesthetically pleasing, and environment friendly. These key attributes make flexible solar cells ideal for applications such as smart fabrics and building-integrated photovoltaics. Solarmer's booth (H21) will include a smart fabrics demonstration of these flexible solar cells integrated into a tent.
For 2009, Solarmer's focus is on commercializing and manufacturing their low-cost, lightweight, flexible solar panels, beginning with making samples of these panels available to potential customers beginning this September. Dr. Vishal Shrotriya, Director of Product and Business Development, says, "Our ability to have prototypes available in such a short time shows the capability of our Research and Development department. I'm sure our manufacturing process will soon follow suit." The company's pilot line target completion date is March 2010.
Solarmer has also had much success this year with rigid solar panels. Dr. Yue Wu, Director of Research and Development, will discuss their latest results, including the exciting 3.86% efficiency resulting from their 200 sqcm solar panels in his presentation on "Current Advances in Polymer Materials and Manufacturing of OPVs (organic photovoltaics)" at LOPE-C. The company's booth will include a demonstration of rigid panels in cell phones, GPS Navigation systems, and laptop bags. Transparent solar cells will also be available, which are applicable to their highly anticipated photovoltaic windows products.
With their presentation, booth, panel samples, and application demonstrations, Solarmer Energy, Inc. is looking forward to making their mark at LOPE-C.
About Solarmer Energy Inc.
Solarmer Energy, Inc. is developing transparent, lightweight, flexible, plastic solar panels. In addition to these features, Solarmer's plastic solar panels are expected to cost a fraction of what silicon solar panels cost. These panels will create new markets that are currently not addressable with conventional silicon solar panel technology. The first major applications for this technology will likely be portable digital electronic devices (such as cell phones and laptops) and outdoor lifestyle applications. Smart Fabrics and Building-Integrated Photovoltaics will soon follow. The company was founded in 2006 to commercialize technology first developed at UCLA.
Source: Solarmer Energy (press release)
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