Posted: June 23, 2009

QuintessenceLabs Partners with Lockheed Martin on Quantum Key Distribution

(Nanowerk News) QuintessenceLabs, a leader in ultrasecure quantum communications, has announced a partnership with Lockheed Martin Corporation for the development of its Quantum Key Distribution technology towards applications in Australian and US markets. The relationship confirms an announcement made during National E-Security Awareness Week at an address to The National Press Club of Australia in Canberra.
QuintessenceLabs’ second generation QKD technology integrates seamlessly with preexisting communications infrastructure providing one-time pad encryption in real-time. Products incorporating QuintessenceLabs’ bright laser technology can achieve high speed, untappable communications at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.
Commenting on the announcement, QuintessenceLabs Chairperson, Peter Shergold, said “We are delighted to be entering into partnership with Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is a global technology leader which has identified national security as a key strategic priority. Following an evaluation of QuintessenceLabs’ technology, Lockheed Martin decided to enter into this relationship to develop leading edge information security solutions”.
“We are pleased to have this relationship with QuintessenceLabs”, said Paul Johnson, CEO of Lockheed Martin Australia, “Global security is a major focus for Lockheed Martin and we are delighted to be working with QuintessenceLabs, a company at the forefront of QKD technology that has important information security applications. We believe that QKD technology has great promise worldwide and look forward to a continued partnership”.
About QuintessenceLabs
QuintessenceLabs is a leader in quantum communications technology for networking, communications, national security and defence. Our second generation, high performance communications technology makes use of breakthrough research in continuous variable, bright laser quantum cryptography. Unlike first generation systems, our technology incorporates off-the-shelf components to deliver lower cost, higher performance, highly robust and scalable quantum security products facilitating ultrasecure, untappable everlasting security.
Source: QuintessenceLabs (press release)
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