Posted: June 24, 2009

The Second Nanotechnology International Forum in Moscow

(Nanowerk News) The Second Nanotechnology International Forum will be held on October 6 – 8, 2009, at Moscow Central Exhibition Complex “Expocentre”. Forum program will consist of the plenary session, a complex of panel discussions and presentations of business program and science and technology sections, presentations of companies, devices and equipment. Exhibition and the Second International Competition of the Scientific Works of Young Scientists in Nanotechnology will also take place within the framework of the Forum.
One of the central events of Forum 2009 will become the first awarding of the annual Nanotechnology International Prize established by RUSNANO.
Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation Anatoly Chubais invites to the Forum:
The First Nanotechnology International Forum took place in Moscow in December, 2008. The first experience turned out to be quite successful. More than 9000 people attended the Forum. Almost 1400 representatives of the world nanoindustry, state authorities, business and science communities from 33 countries made their presentations and speeches. The exhibition of nanotechnology developments, represented by projects from over 309 Russian and international companies and organizations was of the utmost interest.
This statistics speaks for itself. But perhaps the most valuable results of the Forum are difficult to measure with figures. The most important for us is that the Forum has become an international platform for communication between science and business, a tool of commercialization of scientific ideas and market promotion of nanoindustry production.
Developing nanotechnology industry in Russia is the field with unique opportunities to implement progressive ideas and ambitious investment projects. According to the programme, indicated in the Strategy of RUSNANO activity, by 2015 the sales volume of all Russian nanoindustry production should reach €19 billion, with an export volume of almost €4 billion. These are truly gigantic figures, comparable with the current volume of the entire innovation industry of the country.
The forthcoming Second Nanotechnology International Forum in October will become another step on the way to solve these tasks and will provide an additional impulse to new nanoindustry projects.
Source: RUSNANO (via NanoNews Net)
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