Posted: June 24, 2009

QD Soleil Expands Leadership Team with World-Class Nanotechnology Leaders

(Nanowerk News) QD Soleil™, the solar division of Nanosys, Inc., today announced the expansion of its leadership and advisory team including the addition of four exceptional thought leaders in the use of nanotechnology for solar energy applications. Among these additions is Dr. J. Wallace Parce, who will serve as the chief technology officer (CTO) of QD Soleil. Dr. Parce was formerly the CTO of Nanosys where he led commercialization programs including the development of nanocrystal technology for integration into solar cells. Prior to Nanosys, Dr. Parce co-founded and led research for several technology companies including Caliper Life Sciences and Molecular Devices.
“I am joining the leadership team of QD Soleil at a critical growth period for the application of nanotechnology for solar energy collection,” said Dr. Parce. “QD Soleil is a natural extension of the technical programs that I led at Nanosys, and I look forward to furthering the commercialization of this technology at QD Soleil.”
In addition to Dr. Parce, QD Soleil added three advisory board members:
  • Dr. Avery Goldstein, one of the leading minds in nanotechnology since the beginnings of the field with expertise in thin film manufacturing using roll-to-roll processing and nanoparticle inks
  • Dr. Delia Milliron, a Lawerence Berkeley National Labs scientist working on nanoparticle and quantum dot technology for use in solar energy applications
  • Dr. Xiangfeng Duan, a well regarded leader in nanowire technology for a broad range of applications including solar devices. Dr. Duan was a scientific cofounder of Nanosys and is currently an assistant professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.
  • “This world-class team of nanotechnology thought leaders will bring formidable leadership and insight to bear on the commercialization of QD Soleil solutions,” said Vijendra Sahi, vice president and general manager of QD Soleil. “The team’s expertise in all areas of nanotech solar applications will allow us to respond rapidly with solutions that meet the evolving manufacturing needs of the solar industry.”
    About QD Soleil
    QD Soleil is a division of Nanosys, Inc. focused on the use of proprietary nanotechnology in solar panel cell designs. QD Soleil controls a seminal intellectual property estate that includes over 500 patents and patent applications. The technology has been refined over many years by Nanosys and exploits best in class inorganic material compositions, processing and integration chemistries, and includes the most stable nanomaterial formulations known in the field. Applications of the technology and intellectual property are broad and include additive enhancement layers for light conversion engineering, nano-particle inks, light waveguide concentrators and nanomaterial composites for enhancing overall solar cell efficiency.
    Source: QD Soleil (press release)
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