Posted: June 29, 2009

Omodo Expands its Nanotechnology Business

(Nanowerk News) Omodo is in negotiations with agents in the USA and the Far East to expand its network of Zelfo material representation in both North America and Japan. Omodo, which is based in North Germany, is also in the process of strengthening its operations in Europe through a joint venture company ‘Omodo Europe’ which is to be established together with TheGreenFactory, a young and dynamic Paris based materials company.
‘Omodo Europe’ will be the ‘Portal’ for all Zelfo related information, business and licensing opportunities. It will be supported by the substantial combined research and development activities of both Omodo GmbH and TheGreenFactory. New Horizons on the ecological business front certainly seem to be opening up for Omodo, “the potential of this partnership is very encouraging in these economically challenging times”, commented Richard Hurding, Managing Director of Omodo GmbH. “This JV is an opportunity both for ourselves and our clients”, says Martin Hieaux, Managing Director of TheGreenFactory “as we will be able to address their demands faster, with tailor-made materials that fit their needs.”
About Zelfo
ZELFO is an ecological cellulose based formable nano fibre material, free of binders or adhesives, and produced from a large variety natural raw materials. With such a wide range of raw material sources, Zelfo is economically viable in rural economies as well as urban situations where it can utilise waste streams. Zelfo keeps also the ‘life cycle loop’ closed, as it can be recycled back into itself.
With an outstanding range of material densities, end products can range from thin film light transmitting screens to high-density robust product casings. Market tested furniture, musical instruments and jewellery are all proven examples that this technology works.
The ‘green credentials’ of Zelfo have been compared for energy use, emissions, etc. against conventional thermoplastic synthetic materials and some metals. Astoundingly only trimmed timber and 100% recycled aluminium proved to have better environmental values.
The ‘elevator’ introduction to Zelfo, a 2 minute video that courses through the myriad of Zelfo material possibilities is viewable in the internet under the title 'Zelfo Nano Fibre Technology' or on the Omodo website.
Zelfo is available to manufacturers worldwide by license agreement. Current projects involve international ‘end user’ companies as well as manufacturers, and research institutes.
Source: Omodo (press release)
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