Posted: July 7, 2009

STS Receives Further Pegasus Order from University of Michigan

(Nanowerk News) Surface Technology Systems plc (STS), a leader in plasma process technologies for manufacturing MEMS and advanced semiconductor devices, today announced that they have sold a Pegasus DRIE system to the University of Michigan, Ann-Arbor. This will be installed alongside another Pegasus tool, purchased in 2008 and will be used for deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) of silicon for MEMS research.
The University is very highly regarded as one of the leading research institutes for their microtechnology research and have been using STS' Advanced Silicon Etch (ASE®) DRIE technology since 1998.
Dr. Dennis Grimard, Director of the University's Lurie Nanofabrication Facility stated, "We have been using STS' silicon etch equipment for over 10 years, and this capability has helped us remain at the forefront of research in micro- and nano- technology. We will use our tools as we continue to develop and fabricate new and innovative microdevices for a range of challenging applications, and provide world-class education for the engineers of tomorrow."
Eizo Yasui, CEO of STS replied, "We are very happy to have placed a second Pegasus tool at an internationally-renowned research facility such as the University of Michigan, and look forward to continuing our long and mutually beneficial relationship with them."
About Surface Technology Systems plc
STS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd designs and manufactures a range of highly specialized systems incorporating innovative technology used in the production of semiconductors and related devices and is a leader in plasma based etch and deposition technologies for processing non 'mainstream' semiconductor devices. STS serves a range of applications in several sectors within the telecommunications, data storage, advanced packaging, MEMS and Nanotechnology.
STS is a market leader in deep silicon etching for the growing advanced packaging and MEMS market, where it offers patent-protected technology. In addition, STS has a strong presence in each of its other served markets and distributes its process solutions worldwide through an experienced sales and service operation. The Group currently markets in over 30 countries and has an installed base of over 900 systems.
Source: Surface Technology Systems (press release)
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