Posted: July 8, 2009

4Wave Receives Multi-System Orders for Ion Beam Etching

(Nanowerk News) 4Wave Inc., a leading thin film equipment manufacturer and provider of thin film coatings, announced today that it has received a multi-system order for ion beam etching from a leading U.S. defense contractor. This comes on the heels of delivering a similar system to a major European defense contractor, as well as confirming an ion beam etching system order from a government funded European research and development lab.
4Wave's continued investment in developing processes, through the use of its equipment installed in its own laboratory, has allowed 4Wave to demonstrate their equipment's capabilities to potential customers and successfully deliver systems with production ready processes. This business model enables 4Wave's customers to shorten their product development cycle and/or rapidly qualify the equipment for their production needs.
"4Wave's ability to demonstrate the equipment capability with developed processes continues to win over potential customers," says Trey Middleton, Vice President of Business Development. Sami Antrazi, President of 4Wave, adds that "4Wave's depth of engineering, process development and research capability allows us to anticipate and meet our customers' thin film process equipment needs." "Once customers visit our facility and see all our ability, it typically leads to other 4Wave equipment opportunities within the customer's organization," says Trey Middleton.
4Wave supplies thin film processing equipment used in a variety of industries and applications, including defense and renewable energy. 4Wave's extensive set of thin film processing equipment and metrology, located in their 6,000 sq-ft clean room, is available for coating services and contracted research. This allows 4Wave's customers to develop their products without the large investment required to purchase such equipment. Being ITAR (International Trade and Arms Regulation) compliant makes 4Wave uniquely positioned to fully support defense related projects in the United States. Companies that are based in the United States but owned by foreign companies or non-Americans, make them ineligible for ITAR compliance.
About 4Wave
4Wave provides ion beam thin film processing equipment and coatings services to meet challenging thin film processing requirements. Using its atomic layer processing capabilities, 4Wave also offers multilayer device fabrication and miniature optical components. Housed in a 21,000 sq-ft facility in Sterling, Virginia, just minutes from Washington Dulles Airport, 4Wave serves clients worldwide.
Source: Bruker (press release)
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