Posted: July 13, 2009 Expands its Presence in the Transmission Electron Microscopy Market

(Nanowerk News) is celebrating its six-month business anniversary by launching new products, exhibiting at the Microscopy and Microanalysis 2009 conference, and increasing its reach through three new distributor partnerships. SiMPore, Inc. launched the business in January 2009. Sales of the company’s UltraSM® TEM Windows have increased each month as TEM facility managers and materials researchers around the world experience the high quality imaging that pure silicon windows provide. will be participating in the upcoming Microscopy & Microanalysis conference 2009 in Richmond, VA. Company representatives will be available at booth #613 to showcase the product portfolio and answer technical questions. In addition to exhibiting at the show, sponsored travel awards for students or post-docs who will present images and analysis data using UltraSM® Silicon TEM Windows during the poster sessions. Winners include two researchers from Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ).
In order to increase customer access to UltraSM® TEM Windows, SiMPore recently added three distributor partners: Structure Probe, Inc. (West Chester, PA, USA;, PLANO GmbH (Wetzlar, Germany;, and NAMOTEC (Seongnam-city, South Korea; Each brings a solid reputation in the TEM market and a commitment to offering leading-edge products to their base of customers. SiMPore will continue to add distributors to ensure global availability and support of its products.
Through, SiMPore offers porous and nonporous pure silicon UltraSM® TEM Windows as well as variety of silicon oxide and silicon nitride windows. The company recently launched a new 20 nm silicon oxide TEM window with two 100 x 1,500 micron slots. The pure silicon UltraSM® TEM Windows are available in 5, 9, and 15 nm thicknesses and in both square and slot formats. Compared to widely used carbon windows, UltraSM® TEM Windows have uniform thinness, improved stability, and can handle extensive plasma cleaning.
“SiMPore is very pleased with the market response to our pure silicon UltraSM® TEM Windows. We are committed to the TEM market and its customers, and plan to continue adding to our product line and expanding our market presence,” said Rick Richmond, CEO.
About SiMPore Inc.
SiMPore Inc. is a Rochester, New York-based nanotechnology company which designs and produces membranes and membrane-enabled products based on its unique patent-pending platform technology—the UltraSM® ultra-thin silicon membrane. The UltraSM® membrane is the world’s first membrane to offer both tunable nanometer-scale thickness and pore size. SiMPore is developing products that take advantage of these one-of-a-kind features, including filters for separating and concentrating biological molecules and nanoparticles, cell culture substrates for growing cells, and electron microscopy grids for preparing and imaging samples at the nanoscale.
About is a division of SiMPore Inc. and supplies SiMPore’s UltraSM® membrane technology for electron microscopy and related materials imaging and analysis applications. is the online source of innovative sample preparation solutions for the imaging and analysis of nanoscale materials. features state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopy windows that enable researchers to characterize their cutting-edge nanomaterials. By incorporating the latest MEMS and thin film technologies, provides researchers with the resources to advance their research and development programs. is fully integrated with, and supported by, the technical expertise at SiMPore, a Rochester, NY-based nanotechnology company.
Source: SIMPore (press release)
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