Posted: July 14, 2009

New AFP-200 From Ambios Combines Benefits of Stylus-Optical and AFM Profiling

(Nanowerk News) Today at Semicon West, the semiconductor industry's largest and most influential trade show, Ambios Technology, Inc. introduced its newest instrument for characterization of surface morphology at the nanoscale. The new AFP-200 is a unique high-resolution surface measurement and analysis system that combines the ease of use of a stylus and optical profiler with the precision and resolution of a scanning probe microscope. This exclusive combination allows measurement of features with fields of view from tens of nanometers to tens of millimeters while maintaining atomic scale Z-resolution.
The AFM permits atomic scale resolution over fields of view from 10's of nanometers to 80 microns in X and Y. While the interferometer operates like a traditional optical microscope with nanometer resolution in Z over fields of view from 100 X 100 microns to 2.0 X 2.0 millimeters. The stylus profilometer can operate in single line scan mode like traditional stylus profilometers, and in ultrahigh resolution mode using the PZT scanning mechanism of the AFM to produce extremely high resolution images over relatively long scan lengths.
Patrick O'Hara, President and CEO commented that, "Although none of these instruments are particularly new by themselves; the integration into a single instrument provides our customers tremendous breadth of measurement. With this single instrument, our customers can bring a host of measurements to bear to characterize small and intricate surfaces. The new AFP-200 allows customers to use a variety of techniques to be sure they get the right answers."
About Ambios Technology
Ambios Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of high resolution surface measurement and visualization systems. In addition to surface profilometers, the company manufactures scanning white light interferometers and (AFM/SPM) scanning probe microscopes. A privately held company, Ambios Technology, is headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA with sales, service, and support offices in Rochester, NY and Cambridge, England.
Source: Ambios Technology (press release)
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