Posted: July 20, 2009

Energetiq Technology Receives Award for Outstanding Contribution to Advancement of EUV Lithography

(Nanowerk News) Energetiq Technology, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of specialized short-wavelength light products for advanced technology applications, has been given an Outstanding Contribution Award at the 2009 International Workshop for EUV Lithography, for excellent performance of the Energetiq EUV light source and the company's contribution to EUVL development. Only two awards were given at the Workshop held last week in Honolulu, Hawaii -- the one to Energetiq and the other to a renowned professor in EUV development for his lifetime career achievement.
Professor Gregory Denbeaux of the University at Albany presented the award to Deborah Gustafson, VP of Marketing and Sales at Energetiq. Prof. Denbeaux stated, "Energetiq has made it possible for researchers to have reliable EUV photons to make EUV lithography become a reality. Much of today's research is conducted with the Energetiq EUV light source."
Gustafson added, "Energetiq is pleased to receive this award and we are happy that we can contribute to the infrastructure development being done today. Moreover, we would like to thank all of our customers for their successful work in this field. Energetiq plans to continue its contribution to the successful implementation of EUV Lithography by working with the mask metrology suppliers to ensure that there is a reliable EUV source for metrology tools."
Energetiq's EQ-10 Series EUV Light Source features the company's proprietary Electrodeless Z-Pinch((TM)) technology and produces stable EUV light, with low cost of ownership. The electrodeless source design is proven to run continuously and have highly repeatable performance. The EQ-10 Series is installed at major EUV technology centers in the USA, Europe and Asia, and is used in advanced photoresist testing and qualification, EUV optics testing, EUV microscopy, and most recently with the introduction of a high repetition rate (10 kHz) version, in metrology and research applications where simulation of HVM (High Volume Manufacturing) is required.
About Energetiq
Energetiq Technology, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of advanced short wavelength light products that enable nano-scale structures and products. The Energetiq team combines its deep understanding of the high power plasma physics needed for short wavelength light generation with its long experience in building rugged, industrial and scientific products. The result is that users can expect the highest levels of performance combined with the highest reliability.
Source: Energetiq (press release)
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