Posted: July 21, 2009

Hamatech and MIET Partner to Meet Aggressive Mask Manufacturing Roadmap

(Nanowerk News) HamaTech Advanced Process Equipment (APE) GmbH & Co. KG, a member of the Singulus Group and an established market leader of semiconductor equipment, today announced it has entered into a partnership with the prestigious MIET Technical Institute of Moscow University (MIET). MIET, the advanced research institution in Russia, and HamaTech will work in close cooperation on activities to meet an aggressive mask manufacturing roadmap at a wide range of technology nodes.
Mr. Vladimir Bespalov, First Vice Rector of MIET Technical University said “Based on outstanding recommendations from principal mask shops in the field and after an extensive examination we selected HamaTech’s ASC5000, as the low-risk photomask cleaning system to support our mask manufacturing development activities for the Russian semiconductor industry. HamaTech’s well-recognized leadership position in photomask cleaning technologies and an established infrastructure ensures us access to the sophisticated process support we require for continued education and research work. We are confident that the collaboration between our respective experts will prove to be beneficial to both the institute and students of MIET.”
“We are honored to have been selected as a partner by the most renowned Russian Institute for advanced microelectronics”, said Wilma Koolen-Hermkens, CEO HamaTech APE. “With the ASC5500’s proven track record in nearly every captive and merchant mask shop around the world and the vast experience of the HamaTech team, we offer MIET the low-risk alternative to ensure success in the development of advanced technology nodes. MIET’s extensive knowledge base and broad audience for its research is impressive and we look forward to further expanding our relationship.”
The ASC5500 is a modular photomask platform with distinct handling of both wet and dry cleaning processes for low CoO, through reduced chemical usage. Combined with the highest first pass cleaning results and unique cleaning capabilities to preserve pattern integrity, the ASC5500 extends the lifetime of the valuable mask set to ensure the quickest possible return on investment.
Over 200 ASx-Series systems have been installed at mask shops worldwide to meet the critical challenge of defect-free processing of masks exposed to 248nm and 193nm lithography.
About HamaTech APE
HamaTech is an established leader of semiconductor equipment. At HamaTech we combine the latest technology with extensive know-how to provide systems that are future-compliant. HamaTech APE GmbH & Co KG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SINGULS TECHNOLOGIES AG, Kahl/Main.
Source: Hama APE (press release)
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