Posted: July 27, 2009

NanoPatterning Engine for CrossBeam Workstations from Carl Zeiss

(Nanowerk News) At Microscopy & Microanalysis show Carl Zeiss presents a highly flexible NanoPatterning Engine for its CrossBeam® (FIB/SEM) workstations. Being able to flexibly and precisely control the focused ion beam—possibly in combination with process gases—is key in scientific and industrial research and development. For productivity applications, reliability and ease of use are major factors that determine the quality of the beam control interface. The new NanoPatterning Engine Software addresses these requirements by providing a highly flexible yet intuitive user interface enabling most complex and high- accuracy structuring at 16 bit accuracy.
Spiral of ring-structures
Spiral of ring-structures. Left: Perspective of the patterning beam. Right: Corresponding SEM view image.
Key features of the Nano Patterning Engine include
  • a “drawing program” style interface for the creation of complex shapes, e.g. ellipses, rings, text etc.,
  • vector-based patterning of shapes,
  • 3D patterning based on grayscale bitmaps
  • real-time visualization from the perspective of the patterning beam as well as live SEM imaging of the patterning process.
  • For higher demands a software extension is available that provides additional functionality such as patterning of voids and outlines, threshold milling and many more.
    Application examples comprise atom probe tip preparation, microstrainer, nano-optical elements such as Fresnel-lenses and countless customer specific structures and applications.
    Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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