Posted: August 10, 2009

Next Alternative Introduces Car Battery With Carbon Nanotube Technology

(Nanowerk News) Next Alternative Inc. wants to steer the future of the electric car and the U.S. auto industry itself into greener, and much more distant, pastures. Destinations that were once unattainable by the most efficient battery-powered cars will be an easy road trip with one of the company's new Carbon Nano Tube batteries (CNT Battery) under the hood.
With 8 times the Reserve Capacity (RC) of typical lead/acid batteries, CNT Battery technology allows cars to travel hundreds of miles between charges, up to an estimated 380 miles per charge. Even more impressive, CNT Batteries recharge in ten minutes from a regular electrical outlet, about the time it takes for a highway road trip pit stop. An hour's worth of recharging could add up to a pollution-free, coast-to-coast trip through Capitol Hill. The battery can be modified to the specifications of existing batteries.
CNT batteries provide the hybrid and electric car markets with a battery that far exceeds anything currently available to them at this time. Micro Bubble Technology, Inc. (MBTI), based in South Korea, developed CNT Battery technology. Carbon Nano Tubes are tiny tubular structures composed of a single layer of carbon atoms. MBTI developed a proprietary method of coating the anode, cathodes and modifying the electrolyte with Carbon Nano Tubes. The diminutive tubes hold 8 times as much energy as the lead in lead/acid batteries, and can hold a minimum of 2 times as much energy as rechargeable lithium batteries.
"CNT Batteries are superior to lead/acid batteries, lithium batteries and the silicone batteries powering electric cars today. Silicone based batteries perform better than current lead/acid batteries but do not allow electric vehicles to have a long range and require lengthy recharge times. Lithium-based batteries are expensive to produce and have lengthy recharge times. CNT technology will revolutionize the electric car industry, propelling it forward with battery that gives cars a much longer range and minimal recharge time." Next Alternative, Inc., President and CEO, Robert Ireland
As the U.S. government pushes for less dependence on fossil fuels through the development of alternative energy solutions, and leans on auto manufactures to create greener, more fuel efficient vehicles, the introduction of CNT batteries may just give the U.S. auto manufacturers the extra boost to help get their businesses back up to speed.
About Next Alternative Inc.
Next Alternative Inc. develops the next generation of new green technology, specializing in alternative battery, fuel and electric motors. Next Alternative strives to bring to the world an alternative to fossil fuels and increased efficiencies in the world automotive arena. With offices in Phoenix USA and Ottawa Canada and distribution operations in Davenport, IA, Next Alternative Inc. holds the manufacturing and distribution rights for the Carbon Nano Tube Batteries for Canada, United States and Mexico.
Source: Next Alternative (press release)
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