Posted: August 10, 2009

DisplaySearch Expands Market Research Offerings to Cover Solar and Photovoltaics

(Nanowerk News) Building upon its expertise in providing market research within the flat panel display market for more than 13 years, DisplaySearch, a leader in display market research, today announced that it will roll out a new suite of reports to cover the rapidly growing solar and photovoltaics markets.
As the photovoltaics market takes off, it becomes increasingly important for the industry to have the tools they need the most to help businesses understand and capitalize on developments within this market. DisplaySearch has been tracking the solar industry since 2006, covering photovoltaic (PV) solar cells in its newsletters and blogs, providing PV-related custom consulting, and presenting on solar at conferences.
The release of the first issue of the Quarterly PV Cell Capacity Database & Trends Report makes DisplaySearch’s proprietary solar cell capacity database and unique analysis available to clients around the world. Using best-of-class research methodologies and a holistic supply chain approach proven in the display industry, DisplaySearch will expand its solar research offerings and support clients as they evaluate opportunities in the long-term solar growth industry.
“The photovoltaics market is poised for significant growth, with capacity forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 49% from 2009 to 2013,” noted Paul Semenza, DisplaySearch Senior Vice President. “We have covered solar as part of our display-related research for more than three years, and now that our FPD clients are expanding their business operations into solar, they’re demanding greater coverage in this market segment. We’ve built our reputation by demonstrating our expertise and quality in the FPD supply chain and look forward to expanding our reach into solar to further help our customers make smart business decisions by providing them with the data they need the most.”
Current market research on solar and photovoltaics often covers only certain regions and types of research. Based on its reliable methodologies, DisplaySearch’s planned reports will uniquely cover global data, and cover a breadth of data including market share and market forecasts, based on technology, equipment and capacity. In addition, DisplaySearch will utilize the supply chain analysis developed for the flat panel display market, from equipment and raw materials to end-product shipments, to analyze supply-demand relationships. The company can also leverage research capabilities of its parent company, The NPD Group. With analysts in all major regions around the globe, DisplaySearch is well positioned to collect information from every manufacturer in every country, simplifying the research for solar manufacturers and suppliers.
The company’s initial solar report , the Quarterly PV Cell Capacity Database & Trends Report, will provide a detailed capacity database that can be pivoted, sorted and filtered in myriad ways to track solar cell production capacity: by region, manufacturer, factory, phase, technology, probability, thin film glass size, thin film equipment, equipment purchase order, install and ramp dates on a quarterly basis from 2000 to 2013, with annual sums, nameplate totals and more. In addition, the company plans to release several reports on end-market and policy trends.
About DisplaySearch
DisplaySearch, an NPD Group Company, has a core team of 50 employees, located in Europe, North America and Asia, who produce a valued suite of FPD-related market forecasts, technology assessments, surveys, studies and analyses. Visit the DisplaySearch blog to read about how our top analysts are interpreting up-to-the-minute issues that impact the display industry, and join us in this discussion about technology and the flat panel industry. The company also organizes influential events worldwide. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, DisplaySearch has regional operations in Chicago, Houston, Kyoto, London, San Diego, San Jose, Seoul, Shenzhen, Taipei and Tokyo.
Source: DisplaySearch (press release)
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