Posted: August 11, 2009

Fischione NanoMill Now Available From Agar Scientific

(Nanowerk News) Agar Scientific, Fischione Instruments exclusive distributor of instrumentation in the UK & Ireland are pleased to announce the availability of the Model 1040 NanoMill® TEM specimen preparation system.
Using a revolutionary ultra-low-energy, concentrated ion beam, Fischione’s Model 1040 NanoMill® TEM specimen preparation system is an excellent tool for creating the high-quality thin specimens needed for advanced transmission electron microscopy (TEM) imaging and analysis. It is ideal for both post-FIB (focused ion beam) processing and the enhancement of conventionally-prepared specimens.
Fischione Instruments’ Model 1040 NanoMill® TEM specimen preparation system
Fischione Instruments’ Model 1040 NanoMill® TEM specimen preparation system.
Applying the targeted, ultra-low-energy NanoMillingsm process, the NanoMill® system features gaseous ion source technology that results in ion energies as low as 50eV and a beam size as small as 2 microns. It allows specimens to be prepared without amorphization, implantation, or re-deposition. The ion beam can be targeted to a specific area of interest. A secondary electron detector (SED) is used to image the ion-induced secondary electrons that are generated from the targeted area of the specimen.
Its automated operation makes the NanoMill® system easily programmable. Adjustable ion beam energies, milling angles, specimen rotation, and cryogenic specimen cooling parameters afford maximum flexibility to ensure the optimal preparation of a wide variety of specimens. A vacuum load lock facilitates rapid specimen exchange for high-throughput applications.
Agar supplies one of the broadest ranges of accessories and consumables for microscopy. The complete range is available in either electronic or printed-catalogue form. To receive your copy, please visit and register today.
Source: Agar Scientific (press release)
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