Posted: August 11, 2009

Advanced Technology Demonstrator Boat to be Built With Tenax Carbon Fibers

(Nanowerk News) Zyvex Performance Materials (ZPM), a recognized worldwide leader in nanomaterials applications, announced an agreement with Toho Tenax America to use Tenax® carbon fiber in the construction of their 540SE advanced technology demonstrator boat. ZPM’s carbon nanotube technology prepreg, Arovex®, will be made using Tenax® carbon fiber for this project.
“Toho Tenax America is proud to be partnering with Zyvex Performance Materials on this exciting initiative. Their technology enhances the performance of carbon fiber composites, and this project will vividly demonstrate that,” says Rob Klawonn, President of Toho Tenax America. “Our fibers and ZPM technology are key ingredients necessary to create a new line of super efficient transportation solutions for the 21st century.”
“Building the boat with Tenax® fibers will allow us to work with the highest quality fibers available today,” comments Lance Criscuolo, President of ZPM. “Toho Tenax America is a reputable, quality carbon fiber producer. For over 30 years Toho’s PAN based carbon fibers have seen extensive use in North America in aerospace, general industrial and sporting goods applications. With consistently high quality fibers and excellent service, they are an ideal partner for this venture.”
Based in Columbus, Ohio, Zyvex Performance Materials is focused on developing nanotechnology to improve the properties of composite materials. The company’s patented technology allows composites to take advantage of the superior physical and chemical properties of carbon nanotubes by enabling even dispersion of carbon nanotubes in composites mixtures. Zyvex Performance Materials was the first company to provide carbon nanotubes-enhanced products to the marketplace.
Toho Tenax America, a subsidiary of Japan-based chemical giant Teijin, supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality carbon fibers. Carbon fiber composites are used to replace steel, aluminum, titanium or glass fibers in applications requiring reduced weight along with high strength and rigidity, corrosion resistance and excellent fatigue resistance. Toho Tenax America is the second largest producer of carbon fiber in the world.
Source: Zyvex Performance Materials (press release)
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