Posted: August 24, 2009

Nanocyl to Promote Advantages of its Carbon Nanotubes for the Electronic Packaging and Automotive Industries at Nano Korea 2009

(Nanowerk News) Nanocyl announced today it will showcase the performance and cost-competitive benefits of its CNTs for cutting-edge conductive plastic applications at Nano Korea 2009, from August 26-28, in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Nanocyl will be located at KINTEX in booth H31.
Nanocyl's NC 7000 multiwall carbon nanotubes will be a featured product line. This series of carbon nanotubes is one of the most electrically conductive CNTs currently available.
"CNTs make it possible to develop, store and handle the most advanced integrated circuits, semiconductors, and hard disk drives (HDD)," said Roberto Mongiovi, business development manager.
"Carbon nanotube technology provides higher cleanliness, elimination of 'hot spots', dimensional stability, higher recyclability, and greater abrasion resistance," he added.
According to Mongiovi, carbon nanotubes also help automakers design, produce and recycle lighter-weight parts that conduct electricity, save gas, and reduce C02 emissions.
"CNTs are now being integrated into automotive fuel lines," said Mongiovi. "They help prevent the decay that can happen in fuel lines and pumps."
"The demand for carbon nanotube technology is growing rapidly for new conductive plastic applications," added Monique Lempereur, Nanocyl's global commercial executive director. "Hard disk drives for televisions and automotive navigation systems are among the new leading applications driving this demand."
"South Korean customers know the value of integrating conductive carbon nanotubes into electronic applications," she said. "CNTs are cost-competitive, and can offer better overall performance compared to carbon black and carbon fibers."
"We are supporting their growth by opening a subsidiary in Seoul," Lempereur stated. "As our customers continue developing new applications, our new office will be helping them with local sales and customer service."
About Nanocyl
Nanocyl S.A., established in 2002, is a leading global manufacturer of specialty and industrial carbon nanotubes. Nanocyl is headquartered in Belgium, and has a division in the U.S. The Asia-Pacific market is covered through a network of partners in South Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China. Nanocyl's products fully meet the requirements of clients active in producing synthetic materials and manufacturing equipment for the automotive and electronic industries. As a worldwide leader in the production of carbon nanotubes, Nanocyl is focused on providing complete and value-added solutions to its customers. Nanocyl will invest in additional capacities in 2010 to respond to the increasing demand for carbon nanotube technologies.
Source: Nanocyl (press release)
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