Posted: August 25, 2009

Rusnano Negotiates With AMD About Joint 65 nm Chip Production

(Nanowerk News) Russian news site NanoNewsNet reports that Rusnano is negotiating with Advanced Micro Devices about launching a new Russian-American JV for 65 nm technology microchips production. According to RBC Daily the chips will be used in the new generation smartphones.
Rusnano can invest up to $500 million into this project. According to the state corporation rules, one of the Russian business players in the microelectronics field would also need to participate in this jpint venture.
There are only two manufacturers of integrated circuits in Russia – Micron and Angstrem. Both companies manufacture chips with 130180 nm technology mainly for transport and bank cards, bio-passports, etc. Not long ago, Rusnano announced that they would invest in the new 90 nm manufacturing line from Micron.
The first samples of the new 65 nm microchips could appear in the market somewhere in 2011. Experts positively assessed this new Rusnano project. At the same time they highlight that there is no serious consumers demand for that kind of product in Russia (for instance, there is no mobile phone manufacturing industry in the country), but the demand for the chips could be high. Most customers could come from China, Korea, West Europe, etc.
On the other hand, AMD incurs losses during several years, which means that the business projects with this company could have higher risks.
Rusnano confirms that negotiations are ongoing but does not disclose any details of a possible project.
Source: NanoNewsNet
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