Posted: August 25, 2009

SUSS MicroTec Expands 3D Integration Activities in Japan

(Nanowerk News) SUSS MicroTec, a supplier of innovative process and test solutions for the semiconductor industry and related markets, has shipped a LithoPack300 lithography cluster to Japan. The system has been successfully installed at the customer site where it will be used for 3D integration technology development. The cluster solution with coat, bake, expose and develop modules for wafers up to 300mm constitutes a cost-efficient approach for the challenging Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) manufacturing and backside redistribution layer (RDL) in 3D integration production. With this integrated lithography solution and further solutions for permanent and temporary wafer bonding SUSS MicroTec offers a complete process and technology portfolio for 3D integration. SUSS MicroTec has recently announced its participation in a range of research projects on 3D integration processes driving technology advances from the equipment supplier side.
The LithoPack300 combines two 300mm photolithography modules in one system and represents the most cost-efficient integrated lithography solution in the market. The MA300 Gen2 module, a 300mm next generation mask aligner platform, provides excellent back-side processing capabilities that enable highly accurate photolithography processes for the manufacturing of back side redistribution layers or TSV etch masks. The ACS300 module offers closed cover coating technology and best-in-class edge bead removal precision and therefore enables optimum thick resist processing for 3D integration processes.
"In recent years SUSS MicroTec lithography systems have developed into an enabling platform for next generation 3D Integration technologies", said Rolf Wolf, general manager of SUSS MicroTec's lithography division. "Today SUSS Mask Aligners can be enhanced with tooling for submicron alignment, wafer edge handling or UV-bonding for wafer to wafer stacking, all features that have become critically important for 3D applications.
"With the involvement of SUSS MicroTec in international research cooperations we are proud to become further involved in 3D integration process development." said Raymond Lau, Business Manager for SUSS MicroTec in Japan. "Our Japanese customers will directly benefit from these technical advances. We enjoy being able to offer a well-engineered solution portfolio for 3D integration that really meets their specific needs."
Source: SUSS MicroTec
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