Posted: August 25, 2009

Applied Nanoscience Expands Technical Personnel to Begin Production of NanoFense Formulation

(Nanowerk News) Applied Nanoscience Inc. (ANI), a nanotechnology-based filtration development company, today confirmed an expansion of its technical staff by adding three key positions to ensure a successful production scale-up and supply of the company's proprietary antimicrobial NanoFense™ technology, a U.S. patent pending nanoparticle formulation.
ANI recently announced a joint venture agreement with an Asia Pacific region partner to begin production of the NanoFense Protective Face Mask for launch to non-U.S. markets. Initial production will be 30,000 masks/day with the capability of increasing up to 90,000 masks/day on newly installed automatic equipment which operates 7 days a week. ANI will supply the NanoFense formulation premixed under their label.
"We are extremely fortunate to add a world class nano-silver expert along with two dedicated personnel for this critical component of our joint venture product launch. The importance of the pilot plant design and reliable daily production requirements cannot be overstated. We have accomplished this with the dedicated commitment of a very talented team and will be positioned to consistently supply enough formulation to 'coat' approximately 120,000 disposable NanoFense Protective Face Masks/day should the demand require. A 7-day production week equates to roughly 3.5 million masks per month," stated Thomas K. Allen, President and CEO, ANI.
The disposable NanoFense Protective Face Mask will be sold in many of the countries where ANI has issued patents protecting their broad NEFT™ platform. The patent coverage includes three main methods of associating nanoparticles with filter media: (1) coating the filter media with a powder of nanoparticles, (2) impregnating the nanoparticles into the filter media, and (3) having pellets of nanoparticles located adjacent to the filter media.
About ANI
ANI is a marketer and developer of innovative nanotechnology-based air filtration products specifically targeted to eradicate bacteria, virus and fungi and is the owner of NEFT (Nanoparticle - Enhanced - Filtration - Technology), a growing IP platform with which combines any type of nanoparticle that is known or engineered to be capable of destroying viruses, bacteria, fungi or toxins with one or more hydrophobic or hydrophilic filters. The Company is focused on both consumer and industrial market segments geared to reducing the transmission of infectious pathogens.
Source: Applied Nanoscience
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