Posted: August 26, 2009

Thermo Fisher Scientific to Host Free Molecular Spectroscopy User Meeting in UK

(Nanowerk News) Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. today announced that it will host a free-of-charge user meeting to present the latest advances and applications in molecular spectroscopy. Aimed at scientists looking to expand their analysis capabilities in either routine or research laboratories, the informative user meeting will take place on 16th Sept. 2009 in Stratford-upon-Avon. Space is limited, so pre-registration is recommended to guarantee a place. Please visit to register for this event.
Hosted by representatives from Thermo Fisher, the event will run from the evening of the 15th Sept. with an optional overnight stay. An early evening applications workshop and a chance to use a range of instrumentation will be followed by an evening event that includes dinner.
The free-of-charge scientific programme will feature talks from spectroscopy instrument users covering a wide range of applications and techniques. In addition, applications specialists will provide an update on recent advances in the use of infrared, near infrared, Raman and UV spectroscopy. Event highlights include an opportunity to see spectroscopy systems in operation and see how sample handling and data analysis tools have changed over the years.
Thermo Fisher Scientific is proud to offer the most complete line of spectroscopic instrumentation available, backed by superb technical service and driven by a dedication to customer satisfaction. Thermo Scientific molecular spectroscopy instrumentation delivers elegant and easy-to-use solutions for raw material ID, tablet analysis, reaction monitoring, polymorph characterization, QBD manufacturing, root cause analysis, out-of-spec investigations and many more critical pharmaceutical and analytical applications.
Source: Thermo Fisher (press release)
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