Posted: August 26, 2009

HRL Laboratories Partners with KCP National Secure Manufacturing Center for Trusted Foundry Services

(Nanowerk News) HRL Laboratories, LLC announced today that it has partnered with the National Secure Manufacturing Center at the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Kansas City Plant (KCP) to provide multiple-project wafer services to the Department of Defense (DoD) Trusted Foundry Program. The National Secure Manufacturing Center provides the national security community secure manufacturing and engineering solutions.
KCP’s Trusted Foundry Access Team will offer first-line technical support, implementation and design verification assistance for HRL’s indium phosphide (InP) technologies. In addition, the center will offer application engineering support, design rule checking and multiple-project wafer aggregation services to improve design quality and reduce the variability of designs submitted to foundries that are part of the program.
“By combining our unique expertise and capabilities to provide multi-project wafer services, HRL and KCP can offer national security customers greater access to leading-edge technologies and low-volume production parts at lower costs,” said Dr. Charles Fields, senior scientist in HRL’s Microelectronics Laboratory.
HRL fabricates InP heterojunction bipolar transistor (InP HBT) integrated circuits for high-speed mixed-signal circuits at low power. HRL also produces InP high-electron-mobility transistor (InP HEMT), millimeter-wave-frequency, low-noise amplifiers, which offer the world’s best noise figure and gain performance in the 70 to 110 gigahertz range.
HRL is known as a manufacturer of space- and flight-qualified components for government programs and commercial markets. The company has served the DoD, U.S. government agencies, and major contractors in providing microelectronics services for military and aerospace applications since 1960.
HRL received accreditation as a DoD Trusted Foundry in 2007 and is one of only 13 accredited Trusted Foundries across the country.
About HRL Laboratories
HRL Laboratories, LLC, Malibu, California ( is a corporate research-and-development laboratory owned by The Boeing Company and General Motors specializing in research into sensors and materials, information and systems sciences, applied electromagnetics, and microelectronics. HRL provides custom research and development and performs additional R&D contract services for its LLC member companies, the U.S. government, and other commercial companies.
Source: HRL Laboratories (press release)
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