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Posted: September 2, 2009

Fibermetric System Automated Measurement System for Nano and Micro Fibers

(Nanowerk News) Lambda Photometrics in the UK has introduced the Fibermetric System powered by the Phenom desktop SEM; a powerful, easy to use automated measurement system for nano and micro fibers.
Fibermetric desktop scanning electron microscope
Fibermetric desktop scanning electron microscope.
The Fibermetric™ System is a fast, powerful and easy to use automated measurement system for determing the size and distribution of nano and micro fibres.
The Fibermetric™ system powered by the Phenom™ desktop SEM and features the same fast sample load time of 30 seconds and can image and measure a large range of fibres as small as 100nm.
  • Automatic fibre and pore measurement
  • Measure fibres down to 100nm
  • Provides fibre size, standard deviation and angle measurements
  • User selectable area of interest
  • For more information, visit the dedicated Fibermetric System product page.
    Source: Lambda Photometrics (press release)
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