Posted: September 7, 2009

Nanocyl Now Offers Its NC 7000 Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes in Large Packaging

(Nanowerk News) Nanocyl announced today it is now offering a large packaging for its NC 7000 multiwall carbon nanotubes that will help its customers reduce shipping costs, and safely optimize the compounding process.
Switching to the 1000 l 'sBig Bag's, loaded with 65 kg of NC7000, reduces the logistics and expenses associated with shipping multiple 2 kg boxes, resulting in a savings of up to 70% in shipping costs, said Marc Mostade, Nanocyl'ss production manager.
The Big Bag is made of two layers, one of technical textiles, and one of HDPE. The 'sBig Bag's is also equipped with a special discharge, and is packed inside a cardboard box for safe shipping.
Customers can eliminate multiple loadings in the feeder because the product is in an easy-to-handle single container, he said. Now they have one loading of CNTs which optimizes the process and quality of the final compound.
Also, when handled according to the recommended procedures using the recommended loading valve, 'Big Bags' are safe to use in industrial compounding facilities, Mostade added.
Nanocyl'ss NC 7000 CNTs are one of the most electrically conductive series of carbon nanotubes available today. Produced with an exclusive catalyst, they are in great demand worldwide because their small size and high aspect ratio lets them form a network of conductivity at a very low concentration.
About Nanocyl
Nanocyl S.A., established in 2002, is a leading global manufacturer of specialty and industrial carbon nanotubes. Nanocyl is headquartered in Belgium, and has a division in the U.S. The Asia-Pacific market is covered through a network of partners in South Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China. Nanocyl'ss products fully meet the requirements of clients active in producing synthetic materials and manufacturing equipment for the automotive and electronic industries. As a worldwide leader in the production of carbon nanotubes, Nanocyl is focused on providing complete and value-added solutions to its customers. Nanocyl will invest in additional capacities in 2010 to respond to the increasing demand for carbon nanotube technologies.
Source: Nanocyl (press release)
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