Posted: September 8, 2009

New Solutions for Materials Analysis

(Nanowerk News) The Thin Film Research Lab, a leader in advanced materials analysis, strengthens its relationships with companies by proposing a full range of modern techniques for the fabrication and modification of materials in industrial sectors such as semiconductor, metallurgy, solar energy and biomedical. These analytical techniques can help to solve the most complex industrial problems, including contaminant identification, corrosion resistance improvement and chemical analysis of a large array of materials.
The GCM possesses advanced equipement, supported by the expertise of its qualified personnel. In order to show to companies how they can benefit for a wide range of modern techniques for the fabrication and the analysis of materials, the GCM has launched a new website ( that is full of specific examples of industrial applications. "We built this website to show to companies the significant impact of the newest materials analysis techniques in their field of activity. We therefore included concrete solutions to challenges met in different industries" said Sjoerd Roorda, director of the Thin Film Research Lab.
The site contains detailed scientific explanations on several microfabrication and materials characterization techniques. "This site will be useful both to the specialist in advanced materials and as to the entrepreneur interested in materials analysis" said Jean-Sébastien Tassé, business development manager - industry, for the GCM.
About the GCM
The GCM is a unique research center devoted to the study of advanced materials. It boasts Canada's largest pool of equipment for the fabrication, modification and characterization of a wide range of materials and complex systems. The GCM is also a materials analysis laboratory serving the academic and industrial communities. Its customers include well-known companies such as Dalsa, Perkin Elmer and CVI Melles Griot.
Source: GCM (press release)
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