Posted: September 11, 2009

Software Update for NMI Microscope System from Carl Zeiss

(Nanowerk News) Further software functions have now been added to the NMI (Non Metallic Inclusions in Steel) Microscope System from Carl Zeiss. The easy-to- use system makes steel analysis even more comfortable and convenient.
NMI Microscope System from Carl Zeiss
In combination with the upright Axio.Imager.Z2m microscope respectively the Axio Observer.Z1m inverted microscope from Carl Zeiss, the NMI system for steel purity analysis offers optimal conditions for accurate and convenient measurements.
The expanded NMI system now offers considerab- ly simplified image acquisition, a particular benefit for variable regions of interest on the sample, and automated segmentation of the inclusions. The operation of all functions is very straightforward. The software now includes a gallery for the visualization of oversized inclusions, with which the measured data and image can be displayed simultaneously. The updated version of NMI can also be combined with the recently launched upright Axio Imager.Z2m respectively Axio Imager.M2m versions of the microscope stand.
NMI has implemented the EN 10247 standard for classifying the content of non-metallic inclusions in steel, but also fulfils the requirements of the DIN 50602, ASTM E 45, ISO 4967 and JIS G 0555 standards. It is offered as a complete system and enables automatic microscopic analysis of steel purity for up to six samples.
The function enabling result comparison is of particular benefit as quality determination according to the EN 10247 standard is based on mathematical calculations instead of comparative diagrams. The results of the samples measured in a series can be output individually or in combination. The software offers the possibility of performing the measurement in large mosaic images composed of single images. This means that inclusions are not cut off at the image edge, but are recorded in their entirety and are therefore correctly classified.
NMI makes automatic sample evaluation very fast, also if the sample is to be measured in accordance with several standards. This is all possible in a single measuring procedure.
The system can be expanded with further image analysis applications, e.g. for grain size and particle analysis. System solutions with the motorized upright microscopes of the Axio.Imager series respectively the Axio Observer.Z1m inverted microscope offer optimal conditions for accurate, convenient measurements.
Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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