Posted: September 14, 2009

New QC Microscope Offers 3D-Nanotopography Analysis Non Contact Digital-Video Surface Inspection

(Nanowerk News) MicroDynamics announces the release of the new MD-MicroQC, a lightweight, durable surface inspection Microscope. This advanced system design, states John Bearden, President and designer, "provides for enhanced performance, reliable results and the versatility to adapt to different production environments." MicroDynamics will be demonstrating the MD-MicroQC at the Quality Expo on September 22 - 24 at booth 4670.
The computer controlled Micro-QC is actually two highly sophisticated microscope system technologies in one. The instrument provides the user both high definition white-light imagining, or 3D-Nanotopography interferometry imaging. The system provides low resolution and high resolution imaging in both modes by combining digital zoom with optional fixed magnifications of 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x, providing potential nanotopography imaging up to 2000x. These features provide users with enhanced quality control or research ability in multiple arenas: these could include detailing surface fluid volumes in cubic microns, non-contact RMS surface smoothness testing with 360 degree axis capability, 3D microscopy dimensional evaluations of micro-machining applications or in study fields where nanotopography evaluations are needed.
A "turnkey" system, the Micro-QC arrives ready to work. The robust Micro-Scan software included with the system is very user friendly and customizable with built in reporting features. Custom templates are available and scan results are exportable into multiple formats. MicroDynamics provides complete training on the operation of all their products.
The MicroDynamics QC line of inspection microscopes has a reputation for being durable and accurate in a production environment. Multiple gauge studies have shown their products to have repeatable accuracy of +/- 50nm.
The new Micro-QC continues this history of excellence while adding the additional benefits of being lightweight and adaptable to any QC and testing environment. Custom fixturing will allow the MicroQC to be combined with robotics for a truly automatic, hands free testing process applicable for surface roughness testing in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, electronics, semi-conductor and laboratory and testing facilities.
The enhanced features of the system provide additional application utilization in the following industries, just to name a few:
1. Packaging Printing Industry: Anilox and Gravure roller cubic micron volume space analysis and surface roughness. Also surface research of films, paper and plate analysis are easily accomplished with this system.
2. Paint Industry: Surface roughness preparation and testing, nanotopography application analysis, pigment particle size analysis.
3. Criminology: for forensic applications where nanotopography analysis or high magnification are used for detailed micro-surface analysis.
4. Metal Machining: Where non-contact surface roughness, RMS (roughness measurement system), are needed for QC and R&D.
5. Micro-Machining Industry: Excellent system for where detailed QC dimensional inspections and R&D are needed.
6. Computer Electronics: Chip and wafer QC, research and development. Circuitry troubleshooting, development and analysis.
7. Plastics Industry; Surface roughness, release property evaluations, particle size and structure analysis.
8. Medical/ Industry: QC for surface roughness, implant smoothness, etc
MicroDynamics, Inc. has been producing quality inspection microscopes since 1999. The company focus has always been on customer satisfaction and product improvement. According to Mr. Bearden, "Our new Micro-QC is a quantum leap improvement in surface roughness analysis in a production environment."
Source: MicroDynamics (press release)
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