Posted: September 16, 2009

Carl Zeiss Will Be Introducing the Next Generation of TiMS Software

(Nanowerk News) Carl Zeiss IMT will be introducing the next generation of TiMS software, the ACCTeePro integrated software for surface finish, form and geometry, at the 2009 Quality Expo held in Chicago on September 22 -24th. ACCTeePro, a product of Accretech, was developed with the knowledge that customers are looking for a simple user interface where measurement and analysis are seamless, more commonly known as “all in the document”.
Screenshot of new ACCTeePro integrated software showing measurement of surface roughness.
Screenshot of new ACCTeePro integrated software showing measurement of surface roughness.
“We look forward to introducing this to the North American market at this year’s Quality Expo,” says Marty Morgan, Carl Zeiss Business Manager for SF&G. “With support from Carl Zeiss IMT and our customers, Accretech developed the ACCTeePro software for SF&G, and we are very excited to have this available and ready to show.”
The ACCTeePro software, which will replace the TiMS software, will have many valuable benefits for customers. “What’s key for customers is the new user interface with its simple 'all in the document' one screen viewing,” states Morgan. “There is a significant improvement between the simplicity and ease of use, for both manual and CNC programming that you will find in this new software.”
Important upgrades and key benefits for users include:
  • Simple part programming with an easy-to-use line editor.
  • ACCTeePro contains all the information including the layout, measurement condition, analysis condition, measurement data, and part program in one document.
  • The results screen is fully configurable by the user, which becomes the output format.
  • In the event of an error, ACCTeePro has a self-diagnostic function.
  • ACCTeePro introduces an on-line manual system so the operator can click on a soft key for a help message.
  • ACCTeePro software is Windows Vista® compatible.
  • Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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