Posted: September 17, 2009

Corporate Update From Nanofiltration Company NanoMask

(Nanowerk News) Nano Mask, Inc. is the inventor of the NanoMask, a disposable anti-microbial facemask currently under development in partnership with Intrinsiq Materials USA, Inc. of Menlo Park, California has issued the following corporate update:
All testing conducted on the filter media -- including an H1N1 test -- has been completed and submitted to an independent testing laboratory for analysis. Results are expected within approximately two weeks.
Nano Mask has awarded a mask manufacturing contract to a major U.S. based filter media and mask manufacturer. Initial production capacity will be 100,000 masks per day, seven days per week with the capability to increase production. The company has been developing several mask designs and the first design will be ready in the immediate future. The mask manufacturing company to whom the company has awarded its production contract has assisted in design development and will assist in submissions to the relevant regulatory agencies.
Nano Mask is currently negotiating distributorship agreements with a number of medical products distributors, both domestically and internationally, and expects to enter into definitive agreements shortly.
The company anticipates retaining a public auditing firm to bring its Securities and Exchange Commission filings up to date in a timely manner.
Source: NanoMask (press release)
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